Louisiana Green Corps

Our History

ARC of Greater New Orleans, Alliance for Affordable Energy, the Old City Building Center, Mary Queen of Vietnam CDC, and the Sierra Club established the Louisiana Green Corps in May 2008 to provide green job skills training and service learning opportunities to 16-24 year old youth and young adults living in the Great New Orleans Area. Young people developed skills while completing restorative projects intended to help the region recover and rebuild after the devastation wrought by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005. Louisiana Green Corps became a registered 501c3 non-profit organization in 2010 and continues to offer youth and young adults opportunities to learn and develop skills through construction and conservation projects that benefit the community and our environment.

Our Mission

Louisiana Green Corps provides career building opportunities for people aspiring to improve their lives and our community.

Our Vision

The vision for Louisiana Green Corps is to be a social, environmental, and economic change agent for the region. Louisiana Green Corps will provide pathways to upward mobility and civic participation through operating a conservation corps that provides training and education services, advocacy and environmentally restorative projects in the community.

LA Green Corps trains participants in job skills while helping them gain work adjustment skills, overcome social obstacles, secure a job, and identify resources to help them become successful, contributing members of the workforce. Ecologically sound restoration and revitalization projects prepare Corps members for entry into emerging green industries while galvanizing the local economy through the development of social enterprises. These enterprises create economic opportunity while meeting social and environmental needs.

Our Values

  • Promoting equitable and inclusive employment for all people.
  • Ensuring the respect and integrity of our local culture and community; finding community-based solutions to local problems.
  • Service to others and the larger community.
  • Striving to consistently be part of the solution to the problems of racial inequity and environmental injustice.
  • People having the right to redefine themselves.
  • Delivering high-quality training and providing enriching personal growth opportunities to all of our participants with integrity.

Quotes from Youth Construction and Conservation Corps

"The staff of Louisiana Green Corps helped me believe in myself and help me realize I can achieve anything."

2645 Toulouse Street
New Orleans LA 70119
(504) 613-4661
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